About Us


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Who We Are

Our story began in 1973 with our Founder Peter’s vision to bring the beautiful, hand-worked fabrics of India and beyond, back to Portobello Market in London.

It is a journey that started on a hippie commune in Ibiza and finished with an overland trip east, through Afghanistan to Jaipur. Peter returned from his life-changing adventures to pursue a new passion, for beautiful bohemian-inspired pieces with hand-printed, woven and crochet design details. Three years later, he opened the first Monsoon store in Beauchamp Place to sell these artisan clothes made with mood-block printing, hand-loomed cotton, and more.

From the beginning, Monsoon worked with craftspeople in villages and small communities who wanted trade, to give them sustainable independence. In 1994 The Monsoon Accessorize Trust was founded. Through education, health care and income-generation projects, the trust continues to help women and children across Asia.

Ever since, we’ve sent our designers to the far corners of the world for inspiration, because we’re passionate about creating beautiful clothes that support craft traditions and celebrate our customers’ individuality.

As fast fashion engulfs the world, we’re dedicated to delivering keepsake quality while supporting special craft traditions across Asia.

We believe in the positive, empowering, life-changing power of trade rather than aid. And we want to do right by the people who make our beautiful things.

As a founder member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), we’ve been at the forefront of driving sustainable improvements in working conditions and livelihoods wherever we do business. But that’s not all. Each year, the Monsoon Accessorize Trust (founded in 1994) supports life-changing projects in income-generation, healthcare and education for over 10,000 women and children throughout Asia.

We’re a lifestyle brand that enriches everyday life with natural beauty, positivity, and endless discovery.

We connect contemporary designs with a network of craftspeople to create unique, heirloom-worthy pieces.

We have an eye for true beauty, whether that’s our intricate design details, colourful prints, fabrics or embellishments. We design in-house, source globally and ethically, and are dedicated to delivering keepsake quality.


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Our Clothes, Their Spirit

Nothing says pure joy like a child in their element, wearing their favourite outfit! That’s exactly why we exist. To create imaginative clothes that allow kids to have fun and express themselves!

All our pieces are crafted resourcefully and thoughtfully. We pay close attention to fabrication, detail, quality and comfort to make heirlooms that can be handed down through the generations. With us, the delight really is in the detail. From fun-loving prints and bohemian embroidery, to cottons as soft as kitten fur and swishy skirts (sewn with extra material for extra twirl factor) – we go the extra mile.

The result? Outfits that are made for picture-perfect and mucky moments alike, that allow them to live in the now (and get on with the business of being kids).


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Who We Are

Born in 1984, Accessorize is the original destination for everyday accessories with eclectic twist.

Through the Nineties and Noughties we were known for our presence in the buzzing streets of Notting Hill and Carnaby Street. Today, we’ve reinterpreted our DNA in a fresh way, renewing our focus on the signature vibrant aesthetic and hand-crafted designs that we’re known and loved for.

While we’ve grown a lot since we first opened, with over 300 stores globally, we’re determined to carry on making differences in big ways and small – whether that’s by championing ethical artisan handcraft or simple brightening someone’s day with a beautiful piece of jewellery.

We’re selling Accessories, not changing the world – but what we can do is bring a small, feel-good zing to someone’s day and spark moments of joy (at an affordable price tag).

At Accessorize we’re dedicated to offering accessories that enable all women to express themselves, helping you feel confident in your everyday.

We’re committed to giving back and supporting the community. One of the ways we do this is working with charities that support women. We’re also constantly improving our sustainability efforts by making conscious choices with the materials we use and our production processes.

We aim to allow people to express their individualism by bringing them unique handcrafted accessories from all over the world.

We are continuing to grow, while also taking a responsible approach to our people, planet, and product. That includes investing in our artisan communities and giving back through the Monsoon Accessorize trust.

We are playful, quirky, warm, vibrant, and approachable. Our goal is for our customer to always leave an interaction with us feeling like they do when they leave one of our stores – positive, uplifted, with a spring in their step.